Ron Peretz

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Lecturer, Economics department, Bar Ilan University, Israel. CV

Journal Publications

  1. Y. Babichenko, S. Barman, R. peretz (2016) Empirical Distribution of Equilibrium Play and Its Testing Application, Mathematics of Operations Research (forthcoming editor's pick, published online).
  2. O. Gossner, P. Hernandez, R. Peretz (2016). The Complexity of Interacting Automata, International Journal of Game Theory 45 (1), 461-496.
  3. R. Peretz (2015). Effective Martingales with Restricted Wagers, Information and Computation 245, 152-164.
  4. G. Bavly, R.Peretz (2015). How to Gamble Against All Odds, Games and Economic Behavior 94 (1), 157-168.
  5. Y. Babichenko, Y. Peres, R. Peretz, P. Sousi, and P. Winkler (2014). Hunter, Cauchy Rabbit, and Optimal Kakeya Sets, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 366 (10), 5567-5586.
  6. R. Peretz (2013). Learning Cycle Length through Finite Automata, Mathematics of Operations Research 38 (3), 526-534.
  7. R. Peretz (2013). Correlation through Bounded Recall Strategies, International Journal of Game Theory 42 (4), 867-890.
  8. R. Peretz (2012). The Strategic Value of Recall, Games and Economic Behavior 74 (1), 332-351.

Conference Paper

  1. Y. Babichenko, S. Barman, and R. Peretz (2014). Simple Approximate Equilibria in Large Games, 15th ACM conference on Economics and Computation.

Work in Progress